The turn of the New Year is traditionally a time for reflection, to look back at the past year and identify our greatest achievements, alongside our mistakes and setbacks. This gives us the opportunity to set new goals, and by pursuing these goals we can transform the future into something greater than the past.

With that in mind, it's time once again to review the performance of the strategies and tips offered at Lucrative Racing, and identify which are most likely to bring us the greatest profit in 2020.

Our main area of focus over the past year has been using the historical data from our daily Shortlist, which was our biggest earner from 2018, to develop new strategies. The aims were to reduce the volume of bets, while retaining as much profit as possible and increasing the return on total money staked.

We released two new racing strategies based on this approach, namely Hurdle Heroes and All Weather Warriors. We've broken down the performance for each of these strategies below, alongside our daily Shortlist.

In addition, we have also reviewed our angles-based Trainer Win and Trainer Lay strategies, and Lucrative Tips which provides a free selection per day from our current betting portfolio.

We've aimed to display the data in as easy to digest a manner as possible, firstly by comparing the overall performance of each service, based on total points profit:



We're happy to report that our two new strategies are among the biggest earners of 2019, with Hurdle Heroes topping the charts at +309.11 points profit, The Shortlist running home a close second, and AW Warriors making the frame too. All three have generated excellent returns, especially throughout the National Hunt season where we see the majority of Hurdle and All Weather action.

Elsewhere, the results haven't been quite so good. Followers of Lucrative Tips have been for a real roller-coaster ride this year, although the final result has at least been positive at +40.32 points.

Likewise, our trainer strategies have failed to live up to expectations, with +31.68 points for the wins, and only +7.09 points for the lays. As a result, we won't be taking on any new members to our Trainer Tips service this year, but will continue to monitor performance in case the results pick up.

On the bright side, all six strategies covered in this review have ended the year in varying degrees of profit, as can be seen from the following breakdown:



In the table above, the strategies have been ranked by total profit accrued. This closely ties in with the Annual Return On Investment (ROI), which is useful for calculating how much you're likely to earn from each strategy.

For example, a £1,000 investment in Hurdle Heroes would generate an estimated £3,090 over the next 12 months. This is based on betting at level stakes, but you can also gradually increase the amount staked to boost your take-home profit considerably.


There is one key point I'd like to emphasise from the above figures; the vast difference between the Annual ROI available to you here, compared to the Annual ROI available anywhere else.

In the mainstream, even top performing hedge funds returned just 20% - 30% over the last 12 months. And closer to home in the betting niche, the vast majority of online tipping services haven't fared much better. There are a few exceptions, but not many.

Compare that to the top three strategies in this review, with returns of 309%, 260% and 106% respectively.


Still to this day, I never cease to be amazed at the earning potential in sports betting, assuming we use a profitable strategy and treat our betting as if it were any other investment. And I also never cease to be amazed by how few people truly take advantage of this unique wealth-building opportunity.

So if one of your goals for 2020 is to earn more money, my number one recommendation is to register for our flagship tipping service, The Racing Portfolio.

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Here's to another profitable year!



Note: The XLS results can be downloaded in your preferred format; simply click on the desired strategy link, then go to File > Download.