It's once again time to review the performance of the services offered on the Lucrative Racing website, and in this post we're focusing on the results produced throughout 2023.

Our aim is to reflect on the year just gone, and identify which services have produced the greatest profit for our members. This should help you decide which service(s) to give your attention to this year, and ultimately help you transform the future into something greater than the past.

To keep things simple, we will focus on on the 5 best performing services and to allow a fair comparison, the following results are based on betting at level stakes...


WINNER: The Racing Portfolio

Level Stakes Profit: +467 points

Strike Rate: 35%

Return on stakes: 11%

Return on capital: 93%

The P/L figures for our other top services range from +122 points for AW Warriors, to +323 points for The Shortlist, and this makes our flagship Racing Portfolio the clear winner in this category. This isn't a great surprise since you get access to our full portfolio of services, rather than one stand-alone service.

With regular compounding, the profit levels shown can be boosted substantially but even at level stakes, the Racing Portfolio continues to be one of the highest grossing tipping services you can find online.



WINNER: The Shortlist

Level Stakes Profit: +323 points

Strike Rate: 33%

Return on stakes: 10%

Return on capital: 162%

Perhaps event more important than overall profit is Return On Capital (ROC), which measures our return for the year based on our starting bankroll.

The Shortlist is the clear winner here with an ROC of 162% at level stakes. It's also been incredibly consistent with no major / sustained losing periods throughout the year.

The ROC for our other standalone services have ranged from 61% for AW Warriors, to 94% for Hurdle Heroes. We can compare these figures to other forms of investment, from reputable hedge funds to the S&P500, where the ROC figures ranged from approx. 5% up to 24%.

It's clear to see that betting investment is an excellent way to get much higher returns than other forms of investment, despite index funds producing unusually high returns in 2023.

Although we aren't taking on new members to The Shortlist right now, you can still gain access to it via our Racing Portfolio.


WINNER: Hurdle Heroes

Level Stakes Profit: +187 points

Strike Rate: 37%

Return on stakes: 21%

Return on capital: 94%

If there is fault to be made with our best standalone service, The Shortlist, it is that the number of bets is too high for some punters. This is where Hurdle Heroes steps in, with a much smaller volume of bets at approx. 2 per day on average.

As a result, the return of stakes (ROS) figure for Hurdle Heroes, which tells us our return in relation to the total amount staked, is the highest of all services. Granted, the overall profit levels are lower and we did experience one losing period towards the end the of year, however the long-term performance remains stellar and we expect this to continue in 2024.

Although we aren't taking on new members to Hurdle Heroes right now, you can still gain access to it via our Racing Portfolio.


WINNER: The Scoop6 Squad

Given that this service is primarily a betting syndicate, and the selections are provided as a bonus which can be used in several different ways to make regular profits, the Scoop6 Squad is a difficult service to quantify.

However, the feedback we have received since taking over management of this service has been overwhelmingly positive. It also has the highest retention rate (members staying the longest) of all the services offered here at Lucrative Racing.

With this in mind, we feel that our "2023 best performers" wouldn't be complete without including some small praise for the Scoop6 Squad.



Note: The results can be downloaded in your preferred format; simply click on the desired results, then go to File > Download.