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At Lucrative Racing we are dedicated to teaching how to create an income in the horse racing betting and investment niche. We achieve this first and foremost by providing our readers with free training, betting strategies and profitable tips. Simply click the 'get started' button above to start receiving our valuable free content.

In addition, we offer professional services for anyone wishing to take their betting to the next level. The ultimate aim is to enable you to turn your passion for Horse Racing into an investment, and create a substantial, consistent income in the process.

The majority of the population remain ignorant to the fact that non-mainstream forms of investment, such as sports betting, can be hugely profitable if approached in the right way. Our services have produced excellent returns for our members since we launched back in 2011.

We submit our services to rigorous testing on an ongoing basis, both in house and through independent reviews. By proving our performance over the long term, we hope to wake the masses to this unique and lucrative form of income creation.



We often get asked the question:

"If your services are as profitable as you say they are, why do you need to charge for membership?"

This is where the majority of betting services use some sort of diversionary tactic to avoid the question. Instead, let us explain the reasons for charging fees for membership.


1. Our services represent an investment opportunity. Profit from personal betting is firstly added to our initial bankroll, and compounded over time much like any mainstream for of investment. This is the advice given to members, depending on the size of their initial investment and how much they wish to earn.


2. Like the stock market or forex, betting can be likened to riding a roller-coaster. There are periods of winning and losing, at least in the short term, and these are extremely difficult to predict in advance. 

Although we can withdraw our betting income periodically, we cannot predict the exact frequency or amount of said income. A betting income is not fixed such as you would expect from a 9 - 5 job. It is therefore not advisable to 'expect' profits month in month out, especially if they are needed for the important things in life, such as paying the mortgage.


3. Producing substantial profit from betting is not an event, it's a process. It takes countless hours of building, developing and perfecting each service, as well as the day to day running and maintenance of our website.

This is very much a full time business; often even more so. And since our betting income should not be our sole source of income, we require another source of money to pay our overheads and wages.


So, to sum up - our betting profit should be firstly used to grow our bankroll. Once our bankroll is large enough, we can withdraw profits periodically. We should treat profits from betting as a BONUS, rather than money to be relied upon month in, month out.

And make sure you enjoy them...after all, they are tax free!

  • I have been an avid Horse Racing enthusiast from a young age, and now have over 12 years experience in the industry. After leaving a dead end job to work as a full time Horse Racing Investor, I founded Lucrative Racing in 2011. The company focuses on teaching people how to create a supplemental income from betting investment, providing greater financial freedom in a time of economic uncertainty.
    Name Michael - Director, Lucrative Racing