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Yes! Sign me up for 14 days of The Racing Portfolio completely free of charge.

I understand that this offer is extremely limited, and could expire at any time.

Furthermore, I understand that this service is not always open to new subscribers. It was recently closed for over two years… and could close again without notice.

I can’t wait to get started, but I understand that time is of the essence. I also understand you're sweetening the deal by offering me an extra–long 12–month 100% performance guarantee.


Here's a breakdown of everything I'm going to get:

  • Start Earning Immediately...

    Gain instant access to our three most profitable betting strategies, so you can start getting paid right away…

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    With our automated tipping service, there’s no complicated bet finding process to run through. This will save you over an hour each day…

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    Discover how to build profitable betting strategies that are unique and personal to you, giving your the power to become a pro-punter…

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    Learn how to get sent each days qualifying bets for your strategies, minimising your time investment and maximising your income rate…

  • Ensure Your Success...

    Access additional resources on bet placement, staking plans, mindset training and more to skyrocket your earning potential…

  • Full Customer Support...

    As a member, you have access to industry leading support, just in case you have any questions or require additional help…

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*Your Extra-Long, 12 Month Performance Guarantee*

We are so confident in our research, we’re going to completely take away all the risk.

That means you can give The Racing Portfolio a thorough test-drive over the next TWELVE months, and if the service doesn’t generate gains of 100% or more, then we will work for free. Simply contact us and you’ll get an extra year of membership for no cost whatsoever.


What real people just like you are saying:

The Racing Portfolio is a genuine tipping service that actually delivers on it's promises. Can't ask for more really!

 - Anthony

I don't know how I ever managed without your service, you beat the Racing Post verdicts hands down.

- Stephanie

I joined the service back in March when it first started taking on members. I'm still a member 8 months later which should say something about it.

I'm standing on around 180 points so far - over £3,500 in the bag as have been betting twenties.

I'd recommend betting at this level if you have the bank as haven't had any betting restrictions applied as of yet. Definitely one I would recommend.

- David

Fantastic Racing Service, made massive profits for so little outlay. Great new members website and easy to use, do yourself a favour and get on board now!

- James

Only signed up 11 days ago and already 47pts up. Some really good priced winners and a solid strike rate make it a keeper for me.

 - Dennis


Over the past 40+ years I must have subscribed to hundreds of tipping services, which have all promised success and delivered nothing but failure!

I can honestly say that this is one of three that have delivered in that time. 

It took me 39+ years to find it, DONT let it take you 40 years to find a winning service!

- John

Excellent service making some great money following the tips, certainly helped pay for my Christmas anyway and looking forward to it funding my summer holiday now.

Will defiantly be sticking with these for a long time to come, superb!

- Lee


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