In this short report, I'd like to give an update on how our bet-advisory services are performing so far this year.

After the "eight keys to succesful betting" webinar I held last month, alongside the launch for my "master your betting" course, we received quite a number of emails asking for more information on our tip-based services. I'll therefore provide a quick overview of how each service works first, for those of you who aren't currently a member but may be interested in joining us.

The three services I've covered in this report include:


The Shortlist

The full, unfiltered list of qualifiers from the various angles, systems and value based strategies in our current betting portfolio. The primary aim of this service is to generate the maximum amount of profit, and annual return on investment for its members.

The Shortlist provides 10-12 selections per day (on average), plus a comprehensive breakdown of the performance according to various factors, including race type, ground conditions, race class, number of runners, race distance, and odds.

This service is ideal for people to want to maximise their betting profit, and don't mind a higher volume of bets. It's also good if you enjoy adding your own filters, using the performance breakdown provided with your membership.



A primarily value based service, providing 5-6 selections per day (on average). The aim of this service is to reduce the volume of bets in comparison to The Shortlist, while retaining as much profit as possible, and minimising the length of losing runs.

This service is ideal if you prefer to simply place each days selections as advised, in as little as 5-10 minutes per day.


Lucrative Tips

Our free daily tipping service, which provides a single selection per day from the various angles, systems, and value based strategies in our current betting portfolio.

This service is ideal for people who prefer a very low volume of bets, and don't mind playing the long game when it comes to accruing profit.


I've aimed to display the performance in an easy to digest manner, firstly by providing the headline figures for each service, from January to July:



From the table, we can see that both our Shortlist and BackLucrative strategies are in substantial profit this year, whereas our free Lucrative Tips service is slightly in deficit.

On an average year, Lucrative Tips generates approx. 100 points profit, so we'll expect to see an improvement from this service over the next six months.


Of the two profitable services, BackLucrative is showing the highest points profit, and return on stakes (the return in comparison to the total amount staked).

However, The Shortlist is showing the highest strike rate, and return on investment (the return in comparison to the amount invested).

This potential conflict in the data can be explained by recommended bankroll, and stake size. To clarify, BackLucrative recommends the use of a 200 point bankroll, and level stakes of 2 points to win, or 1 point each way, and this accounts for the higher points profit figure.

The Shortlist, on the other hand, advises a 100 point bankroll and 1 point level stakes.

In this case, return on investment is the most meaningful measure of profitability, and this can be seen more clearly in the following graph:



The graph shows the growth of our initial investment from January to July. Unsurprisingly, The Shortlist is in the lead with an approx. 185% return on investment, ahead of BackLucrative at approx. 120%.

The main selling point for BackLucrative is how consistent the performance has been, with a perfect 6/6 winning months so far this year. This can be verified by our trustworthy independent proofing service, Smart Betting Club.

The Shortlist, on the other hand, suffering a losing period during the transition from National Hunt to Flat seasons (April & May), and has therefore managed 4/6 winning months.


Overall, both services have performed credibly and are well on their way to our annual ROI target of 200% - 400%.

For you, our services can multiply your bankroll 3X - 5X within your first year, at level stakes. We also provide advice on how to compound your bankroll to accelerate your profit more quickly, if you wish.

I would therefore like to invite you to join either one of these services below.

As mentioned earlier, please take the following factors into account when choosing which service to join:


I recommend The Shortlist if you want to maximise your betting profit, don't mind a higher volume of bets, or enjoy adding your own filters using the performance breakdown provided with your membership.

Click Here To Join The Shortlist.


I recommend BackLucrative if you prefer to reduce your volume of bets, and want to simply place each days selections as advised, in as little as 5-10 minutes per day.

Click Here To Join BackLucrative.


Both services come with an ironclad 30 day guarantee, so you'll have the full month to test them out risk-free.

Thanks for your interest and support, and I look forward to profiting together over the coming months.