Q. What Is The Scoop6?

A. The Scoop6 is a betting competition run by the Tote, where you can win large cash prizes by selecting the winning horse in six high-class races each Saturday.

You Can learn More About The Scoop6 Here >>>


Q. What Is The Scoop6 Squad?

A. The Scoop6 Squad is, first and foremost, a betting syndicate where we collect shares and place a large "perm" bet on each week's Scoop6. This massively enhances your chances of winning the Scoop6, in comparison to purchasing your own individual ticket(s).

The service also gives you access to all our selections for the Scoop6 races, to help you make extra profits from your personal bets.

You Can learn More About The Scoop6 Squad Here >>>


Q. How Often Do You Enter The Scoop6?

A. The Scoop6 typically runs once per week on a Saturday, and we enter each week.

During larger racing festivals, the Tote often runs a daily Scoop6 and during these events, we run a special "festival" service where we enter the Scoop6 every day.


Q. How Long Have You Been Running The Service?

A. We first became involved in the syndicate in 2019, while it was being managed by a team called "PlayScoop6".

The manager of PlayScoop6 retired in autumn 2022, and at the request of our members we decided to create our own syndicate - The Scoop6 Squad.


Q. How Often Do You Win The Jackpot?

A. We have won the Scoop6 Jackpot 9 times so far, which works out at roughly 2 - 3 times per year.

It's important to note that, while Jackpot wins are infrequent, our winnings are often large in the 5 - 6 figures.

With access to the selections, you can also back the selections in your personal bets to cover the cost of your share purchase, often with a healthy profit left on top!


Q. Do You Have A Results Record?

A. Yes - since we created The Scoop6 Squad in autumn 2022 we have recorded all our results. You can view them HERE >>>


Q. How Do I Make Extra Profits From The Selections?

A. There are 3 strategies you can use in your personal betting to make regular additional profits, as follows:

1. Dutching - This is a method used to divide your total stake over a number of selections in an event, so that the same amount is won regardless of which selection wins. This technique is useful when there are two or more outcomes you wish to back and have a specific amount to stake.

2. Forecasts & Tricasts - Our service regularly selects the winner, 2nd, and 3rd in Saturday's Scoop6 races, giving us the opportunity to make even more profits from Forecast and Tricast bets. A Forecast bet is selecting horses to come 1st and 2nd in a race, while a Tricast bet is selecting horses to come 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

3. True Odds - This strategy attempts to answer the question: What if I only want to back one selection per race? We do this by betting the selection with the most value, a proven way to make substantial profits from your betting in the medium to long term.

Full step-by-step instructions for placing your personal bets are provided with the service.


Q. How Much Does It Cost To Join?

A. Shares start from £17.50 which gives you a stake in this Saturday's "perm" bet, plus access to all our selections for your personal betting.

£10 of each share is staked on the Scoop6, with the remainder being used to cover the cost of running the website and service.

You can also choose to purchase multiple shares, if you wish to have a larger stake. The larger your stake, the larger your payout should we win the Scoop6.


Q. How Is The Service Delivered?

A. The Scoop6 Squad operates via email, so you will receive an email to your registered address on Saturday morning, typically between 11am - 12 Midday.

This will include all the details for the Scoop6, including our stake & odds of winning, the prize money on offer, access to all our selections, and full instructions for placing your personal bets.


Q. Can I Set Up A Subscription Which Buys A Share For Me Each Week?

A. Of Course! CLICK HERE To Set Up A Weekly Subscription >>>


Q. How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

A. If you are a subscriber to The Scoop6 Squad and wish to cancel, please visit this page and follow the instructions.


Q. What Is Your Refund Policy?

A. Due to the nature of this service, purchases are non-refundable - the majority of the money collected is staked on the Scoop6 so we cannot get it back (unless we win!).

Further information on our fees and refund policies are available in our terms and conditions.