When it comes to addictive activities, betting is up there with the best of them.

This means the majority of punters wind up gambling instead of treating their betting as an investment, and few profit in the long run as a result. To become profitable, a significant change in mindset is usually required.


When it comes to betting, whether it be horse racing, football or roulette, the outcome is much more likely going to be negative if you go in with the wrong mindset. However, the right mindset alone is not always enough; we also need to use profitable strategy.

For example, the right mindset will not allow you to beat a roulette wheel. In fact, the roulette wheel is infallible; the odds are always in favour of the casino. The casino therefore has an edge over whoever places bets on the roulette wheel. A profitable betting strategy allows us to switch places and in essence become the casino. Now, we have the edge over whoever chooses to accept our bets.


This does not mean we can never lose.

If you owned a casino, someone may come in and win £10,000 on the tables. This type of thing happens every single day, in casinos throughout the world.

But what does the casino do next...Nothing. The casino continues to take bets at the same odds as before, and sure enough that £10,000 will be made back and more to come after it.


Relating this to our own betting activities, there may be days, or weeks, or even months when we do not turn a profit. We may hit a run of losers. This is built into the very nature of betting. It is essential that in this situation we do not allow our emotions to take over our actions.

We should strive to be like the casino - not reacting, sticking with our proven strategy and continuing to place our bets as normal. Before long, what was lost in the short term will be recouped, and time itself will become our asset. It is by using the buffer of time that we inevitably find profit.


Keeping the mind focused on the long term, and having emotional detachment from short term performance is the key to success.

It's a very simple concept, yet few people adopt this mindset. As a result, only 1 - 2% of punters make money consistently from their betting. Droves of punters dedicate a significant amount of time and effort, but either they can't find a strategy with a winning edge, or they can't exercise the discipline required to follow a winning strategy over the long term.

More often, it's the latter and there are many punters that have a winning strategy in their back pocket, but still can't seem to turn a profit. The usual causes for this include:

 - Quitting during losing runs.

 - Using a betting bank for casual gambling.

 - Chasing short term losses.

 - Straying from a proven strategy or staking plan.  


It is essential that we refrain from doing the above things if we wish to be successful. The services we offer here at Lucrative Racing can provide you with everything you need to start winning. However, we cannot place bets or manage your money for you.

 It is therefore up to you to focus on the long term, and keep emotionally detached from short term winning and losing runs, both of which are an integral part of betting investment.


  • I have been an avid Horse Racing enthusiast from a young age, and now have over 12 years experience in the industry. After leaving a dead end job to work as a full time Horse Racing Investor, I founded Lucrative Racing in 2011. The company focuses on teaching people how to create a supplemental income from betting investment, providing greater financial freedom in a time of economic uncertainty.
    Name Michael - Director, Lucrative Racing