Traditionally, the turn of the New Year is an ideal time to reflect on the year just past, identify our greatest achievements, alongside our setbacks and failures. The idea being, an honest reflection will enable us to set new goals for the year ahead, and take aim at those goals as accurately as possible.

With that in mind, I think it's high time we took a "no holds barred" look at the performance of the various services offered through Lucrative Racing throughout 2018.

With a couple of new approaches added to our betting portfolio last year, namely The Shortlist and Trainer Treasures, it's been interesting to see how they have performed in comparison to our older, more established strategies.

This has also provided some insight on how advantageous it has been to develop and refine our selection methods on a periodic basis, in the hope of maintaining or improving performance moving forward.

I've aimed to display the data in as easy to digest a manner as possible, firstly by comparing the overall performance of each service, based on total points profit generated:



Interestingly, our two newest strategies have proved to be the two biggest earners in 2018, as well as performing in the most consistent manner, keeping the size and duration of losing runs to a minimum.

Surprisingly, one of our oldest and most reputable services, BackLucrative, suffered a major drawdown during last years flat season, and as a result has been considerable less profitable than in previous years. In fact, it's ranked behind Lucrative Tips for the first time since we began both services back in 2013.

Bringing up the rear is Flat Flyers, which unfortunately has failed to perform anywhere near as well as expected, and is the only strategy producing an overall loss. As a result, we have removed this strategy from our 2019 betting portfolio, but will continue to monitor the performance for the foreseeable future to see if there is any improvement.

While the majority of our services are currently recorded a 1pt level stakes, Lucrative Tips and BackLucrative currently offer variable staking based on the available odds. I've therefore included some additional statistics in the table below, to get a better gauge of profitability in comparison to our initial investment, and the total amount staked:



In the table above, our services have been ranked by total profit accrued. The return on bankroll figure is comparable to the annual return on investment (ROI) of more mainstream forms of investment.

I'd like to emphasise one key point from these figures; the vast difference between the potential return on our investment in the betting niche, in comparison to mainstream forms of investment.

In 2018, even top performing hedge funds have returned in the range of 10% - 15% over the course of the year. Save for Flat Flyers, each service in our current portfolio outperformed the best the mainstream has to offer, by a considerable margin.

There are a couple of minor caveats to this, of course. Firstly, betting investment involves a conservative time commitment, with the individual being responsible for placing their bets and keeping track of their performance. Secondly, the amount available to invest in betting is limited, in terms of how large a stake the bookmaker is willing to accept, or how much liquidity is available on a betting exchange.

Moving back to the comparison between our own services, we can see that the bankroll growth of The Shortlist, and Trainer Treasures, is considerably higher than elsewhere in our portfolio. This is partially due to BackLucrative and Lucrative Tips requiring a 200 point bankroll, to cover greater potential losing runs in light of their strike rate, and recommended stake per bet.

On the other hand, both The Shortlist and Trainer Treasures operate using the industry standard bankroll of 100 points, and even taking this into account have experienced markedly less prominent drawdowns, as can be seen in our comparison graph.

Finally, we can see from the return on stakes figure how much profit has been accrued in comparison to the total amount staked for each service. Personally, I find this figure of less importance than return on bankroll, although it's interesting to see that Trainer Treasures has come out on top here, ahead of The Shortlist.

As some of you will no doubt be aware, the Trainer Treasures tipping service hasn't been available to new members since we launched it last year. However, due to its favourable performance throughout 2018, we have planned to open this back up in time for the the major racing festivals of 2019, starting with Cheltenham. We'll be in touch with further details once it's ready, for anyone interested.

Fortunately, we are taking on a limited number of new members to our highest grossing service from 2018, The Shortlist. I realise January is generally a time to keep a close eye on your expenditure, which is why we're currently offering an additional 20% saving on on the usual cost for membership, including a seven day risk-free trial.


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